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Roof Inspections

Looking to Sell Your Home? How Roof Inspections and Roof Certifications Can Help

It is recommended that you have your residential roof inspected at least one time per year and your commercial roof inspected two times per year. But, if you are looking to sell your home or commercial building, you might want to consider having roof inspections and roof certifications done. Most people are not familiar with what this process is and how it can help them to sell their property. Here is more information on these types of inspections and certification processes.

One of the things that buyers are concerned about is buying a home or commercial building that may need work. They do not want to buy a home and then find out the roof leaks or that a new roof is needed. Many buyers do not have the money to spend on these items, especially after putting down money on a home and paying closing costs. Roof inspections and roof certifications help to provide buyers with peace of mind. A roof will complete a roof inspection of your roof. They will then tell you if any repairs are needed. Once those repairs are made, they can certify the condition of the roof. In many cases, a roof certification is also a warranty, stating that the roofing company certifies the roof to be in good condition and warranties it against leaks for one to two years.

Prior to selling a home or commercial building, having roof inspections and roof certifications done can help you with the sale of your property. RipCurrent Roofing offers both inspections and certifications. Prior to listing your home or property, reach out to us and let us complete a full roof inspection and provide you with a roof certification for your building.

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